The idea for Urban Goggles came from wanting to achieve that cozy/protected feeling you get while wearing ski goggles in a sleek & stylish product that can be worn in any environment.

Whether walking around a city, biking to work, jogging, or hiking, people are active all winter long -- so why wear goggles just for skiing?

Fit for virtually all face shapes, these comfy goggles block the elements, allowing you to keep your head held high and your eyes tear-free no matter what you’re up to.

And of course, engineered for exceptional performance, they are also perfect for the slopes.


  • UV400 protection (the highest protection from UVA and UVB rays)
  • Double lenses with scratch/smudge/fog resistant coatings for clear optics and effortless maintenance
  • Focused light transmission and brown tint for all weather conditions
  • Expansive field of vision
  • Maximum comfort double density foam with top layer of moisture wicking velvet
  • Flexible, low-profile and lightweight frame
  • Side vents for managed airflow
  • Adjustable strap lined with non-slip silicone
  • Helmet/no-helmet compatible